The MDACA Quick Start Support is designed to provide the tools to support the quick on-boarding and training of your teams with the MDACA product suite. Additionally, it is designed to provide you team’s direct access to our product and integration teams as part of the MDACA customer experience.

Quick Start Support Project Approach

Our Quick Start Support is typically tailored to meet your needs. The process starts by assigning a dedicated Customer Success engagement team consisting of an engagement manager and big data technical architect. This team will work with your team to tailor the MDACA Quick start program that is designed to meet your objectives. The process is designed to support your objectives and to effortlessly answer several key questions including:

  • How is the MDACA suite of applications positioned to support your Big Data mission?
  • What are industry best practices and how does leveraging the MDACA product suite support this?
  • What are cost saving use cases that match your business needs, and how is MDACA utilized in those environments?
  • What does this product or feature do?
  • How do we use this product or feature?
  • How will this product or feature add value?
  • How does this product fit in the overall future plan/mission?

A simple overview of the Quick Start Support Program

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6
ContractOnboarding planningProject PlanningKick 0ff meetingExecutionFollow up and Coordination
– Signed Contract
– Assigned Customer Success Team
-Customer Info
– Goals
– Identify Key Stakeholders
– Planning Meeting
– Success Metrics
– Project Plan
– Introductions
– Planning
– Scheduling
– Technical Analysis
– Architecture Analysis
– Product Intro’s
– Arch and Install Support
– Follow up Planning
Continuous Follow up and Planning

Quick Start Support Project – On Going Support

As part of the MDACA Quick Start program, customers partner with on-going licenses will have access to our Customer Success Engagement team supporting questions and product drill downs. Additionally, as an ongoing customer, you will have the opportunity to engage with our team on a yearly basis included in your subscription. As part of the customized yearly sessions, you will have the opportunity to onboard new team members to the product, as well as learn about the latest release features and market trends related to big data. These yearly sessions will follow a similar process with our Customer Success engagement team working with you to tailor this to your teams needs.

Engagement OptionSummary
StandardStandard program that can be tailored. This includes (2) discovery meetings, (2) instructor-led sessions (2 hrs each), technical install review sessions (up to 8 hrs) plus 10 hours of follow up support. This can include access to the self service Training portal based on customer needs.
Advanced/TailoredIn addition to the standard package included in the yearly support package, a custom package can be tailored to provide special discounts for active licenses provided that will include a combination of sessions and access to the self-service training portal.
Mentor +Mentor Plus is designed to align your team members with a Big Data expert who directly engages as a mentor and can be available to answer questions over email,chat, or quick online calls to help drive and answer questions. This is an extension of our highly successful mentorship program adopted and leveraged by our customers.

Benefits of MDACA Quick Start Support Onboarding Program

Time to market and adaptation of technology drive success for our customers. As organizations continue to evolve and business needs expand, leveraging the tools and understanding how the tools can benefit their business is important. As technology changes and you adopt new products, it is critical to have an experienced team supporting your team and available to help speed up the process.  Additionally, having access to the teams behind the product to answer questions and add features tailored to address your issues will help reduce overall cost to your organization.  We are committed to providing a strong onboarding program that delivers value to our customers based on their specific needs, accounting for their respective level(s) of knowledge and support needs.

MDACA suite of applications combines the best-in-class capabilities to give you enhanced insight and control over your data by connecting data from a wide range of locations.