The IT market is inundated with solutions that address only parts of the data puzzle. However, an effective strategy for extracting value from data only comes about when approached holistically across all the information-delivery touch points. Instead of a mix and match of technologies and solutions, an integrated end-to-end solution can deliver predictable results and generate greater value for the organization while optimizing it’s various data repositories and enterprise data fabric architecture.

MDACA provides a secure, integrated suite of applications with centralized data collection, storage, aggregation, analytics, delivery, and single view access across data fabric architectures with enterprise-wide repositories. With an enterprise User Interface (UI) for the integrated suite, the real benefit of the platform comes from its flexibility – to start with one capability and easily add others as the need arises. The pre-integration of components as opposed to cobbling together individual products dramatically lowers IT development and maintenance costs. The MDACA suite of applications simplify the implementation of a scalable infrastructure, enables the development of new products and services, and improves the overall operational efficiency using a unified set of products, tools, and best practices. Time is a critical factor when it comes to uncovering insights and sharing the information with consumer applications. Near real-time data processing is possible only when data moves seamlessly between the various stages of the data-to-information lifecycle. Enterprises can use the MDACA suite of applications open environment to not only alleviate the burden of collecting vast amounts of data, but also to quickly analyze and draw insights from the data.


Visually design, test, and deploy


Process any data with ease


Schedule and integrate jobs into your environment

Go Big

Bring parallel data processing to big data needs with the cluster

Here are a few ways MDACA suite of applications benefit our customers:

  • Single view access across data fabric architectures
  • Enables data acquisition over a secure network from disparate, geographically dispersed data sources
  • Integrates enterprise data across disparate systems and cloud providers
  • Provides an analytics platform for performing analytics and deep searches on large data sets
  • Enables rapid data and information delivery to external consumer applications
  • Eases infrastructure management and workload automation for big data projects
  • Supports mission-critical workloads with a high performance and scalable platform
  • Provides full data protection and disaster recovery