The MDACA suite of applications was founded on the principles of leveraging integrated open source solutions to meet our customer’s needs regardless of hosting service provider. Since 1998, we have been managing, integrating, and deploying open source solutions meeting a wide range of government and commercial customers. Our focus from the beginning remains on big data solutions across multiple verticals to optimize data collection and integration, storage, and access securely across various environments. Our MDACA core open source components are available on GitHub.

Adopt Open Source With Confidence

Our track record and proven solutions showcase that leveraging open source and the corresponding contribution process eventually results in a higher return on the initial investment made versus the alternative of leveraging proprietary software. 

As organizations use more open-source software in production to manage their enterprise data, they need to ensure the software has gone through the security audits and reviews prior to deploying into their organizations. They need to further ensure the deployment configuration and its integrated components are optimized and configured to meet the organization’s needs and architecture even as modifications and/or additions to the open-source are typically needed. While most baseline open-source software provides reduced cost over proprietary software, it usually is not designed to support customized enterprise needs.

DoD Grade Security Processes and Documentation

Tap our expertise to understand which open source technologies are best suited for your requirements. Our experienced MDACA engineers can support and help your organization validate and introduce supported open source products to your organization by working directly with your IT team or in conjunction with your technology partners through leveraging our ProServe consulting services to ensure your implementation and use remains compliant with your regulatory requirements. 

Innovation Guidance

With more than two decades of experience helping government agencies and industry-leading organizations adopt supported open source technologies, we provide experts who can help you understand and plan how to leverage supported open source to meet your organization’s mission and vision for your big data initiatives.

Multiple ways to quickly gain access to Open Source technologies
We work with you and your technology partners as trusted advisors, bringing together customizable technology and proven capabilities supporting your mission and objectives.  We are continuously expanding the supported Open Source products that we support and manage to meet our commercial and government client needs. 

We have established a process that is designed to minimize the cost of adopting open source into your organization. Our teams will work with you to understand your needs and provide you appropriate options for leveraging MDACA components or leveraging our process to introduce new open-source management tools.  As part of our evaluation process, we will make a determination if the new components will be part of the MDACA supported platform or provide tailored support that is customized for specific customer needs. 

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