What is MDACA?

MDACA (Multiplatform, Data Acquisition, Collection, and Analytics) combines best-in-class capabilities into a secure, unified, Big Data suite of applications with centralized near real-time acquisition, storage, and single view access to enterprise-wide repositories across data fabric architectures. Regardless of your data’s location and format, you can run your analytical and reporting workloads on our cloud-ready MDACA platform without worrying about scalability and performance.




Meeting Critical Business Needs in Real-Time

“MDACA’s design provides the tools and framework you require to meet your need for globally consistent real-time information.”

Maximizing the Value of Enterprise Data and Existing Investments

As a pioneer in real-time data integration and analytics, Spin Systems understands the importance of rapidly deploying business applications that are available 24/7 and absolutely dependable.  Powered by Spin Systems, MDACA leverages your current data fabric architectures for single view access, queries, and use of enterprise-wide data repositories.

Providing Faster and More Timely Decisions

MDACA’s easy-to-deploy solutions can move high volumes of data between relational databases, file systems, and data stores whether on-premise or in the cloud. They do so quickly, easily, reliably, and cost-effectively resulting in an accelerated information flow across the enterprise that is streamlined for your business processes and in a timely, accurate, and reliable way.

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