The MDACA suite of applications was designed from the ground up in support of the Department of Defense (DoD) and Civilian Agencies and has been deployed worldwide by government agencies since 2002. Supporting big data management and meeting security prerequisites, it has the safeguards and controls in place with an established track record to support the Federal, DoD, and State agencies’ needs.

Get a secure DoD-grade platform and team with proven track record and expertise in government information assurance and security requirements

Leverage access to government expertise with dedicated government focused pro-server teams with in-depth Big Data and multi-cloud expertise. Comprehensive documents and approach in support of both civilian FedRAMP and Risk Management Framework (RMF) based deployments with over 100 certified big data engineers of varying levels of security clearances. A large number of our dedicated MDACA engineers and government support engineers are military veterans and active reservists from across all branches with first-hand experience and understanding to support your mission and vision.

Support big data modernization with a scalable, flexible, and secure platform designed to maximize the value of your data

Agencies at all levels of government face an increasingly complex mix of on-premises and cloud-hosted data sources that are both structured and unstructured. This wide disparity of data sources and technologies compounds challenges as agencies strive to effectively and efficiently manage large volumes of data while focused on their mission.


The MDACA suite of applications offers agencies a comprehensive, versatile data platform that is designed to maximize the value of your applications by supporting both modernization and cost reduction approaches for both legacy and modern applications. Compliant with RMF requirements, MDACA provides the tools to quickly integrate with analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and solutions to further utility and value.

Multiple ways to quickly gain access to MDACA

MDACA offers an extensive partner network on a wide range of government contract vehicles. Our governance, product quick launch, and program support of your data and transformation goals are accelerated with expert help every step of the way. We work with you, our partners, and your technology partners as trusted advisors, bringing together customizable technology and proven capabilities that serve the needs of federal civilian agencies, defense agencies, government contractors, and state and local government at all levels.