With the explosive growth of data across virtually all industries, fast and reliable movement of massive digital data over global distances is vital to business success.

MDACA Collector uses remotely-managed, light-weight agents that can be deployed on any system and can integrate and retrieve data from the host’s data sources and push the data over secure and low-latency channels to the desired destination point. The rich, built-in adapter library allows MDACA agents to connect natively and acquire data from a wide range of data sources including relational databases, non-relational big-data sources, and file-based systems. Data collected by the agents pass through the platform’s highly-configurable data transformation and enrichment pipelines prior to storage in MDACA’s data repository. MDACA Collector works with a wide variety of databases for storing data on the platform including relational and NoSQL databases.

MDACA agents and data pipes provide guaranteed data delivery regardless of data size, transfer distance, or network conditions, including transfers over international links. It also provides complete built-in security including secure endpoint authentication, on-the-fly data encryption, and integrity verification.

This supports data federation, collection, and integration by providing the capability to collect data in near real-time from a wide range of sources to include streaming and structured/unstructured data. Today, our MDACA solution integrates and supports data collections from a variety of DoD consumers/producers. We support 300+ out of-the-box interfaces as the framework that is easily extendable to support required interfaces. Moreover, our components provide the flexibility for in-memory message transformation and delivery of the same source message to multiple recipients in different message formats based on the business needs of the downstream consumer. Additionally, leveraging industry standard high-throughput and low-latency message streaming, such as Kafka, capable of handling over 10+ million message events per second while providing security but not limited to ACL, RBAC, and message checksum.

Processing Power

Powerful and responsive core server-side engine for processing large volumes of streaming data and batched data loads.


Robust, intelligent data collection agents with a small footprint on the host machines implies minimal resource requirements and maintenance.


With both transport-level and message-level security enabled, data is secure and protected at all times between the source and destination endpoints.


Highly modular design and configurable data collection agents and data transformation pipelines provide the necessary level of flexibility.


Built for high availability and load balancing to ensure system has a 100% uptime. Guaranteed delivery ensures not a single data packet is lost during data transfers.


Ability to monitor data movement activity with active alerting capability and remotely manage the data collection agents.

Benefits of Moving Data with MDACA Connector:

  • Integrates data across multiple data sources in near real-time
  • Unlocks and exposes data that is stored in legacy formats or otherwise inaccessible
  • Makes integration and large data movement inexpensive without the need for extensive infrastructure and maintenance
  • Configuration driven processes provide full control over the source and destination endpoints
  • Provides a centralized and managed data collection and data flow pipelines