MDACA Data Export Services

The Multiplatform Data Acquisition, Collection, and Analytics (MDACA) Data Export Services (MDES) is designed to empower government and commercial entities capabilities to access their data to generate documents, populate forms and/or merge data in traditional file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. Business documents utilizing data include letters, monthly reports, publications, product specifications, and more.  Although users can manually manage a small number of documents and/or data, a manual approach will not scale in support of larger demands. As the volume of deliverables increase and the data needed to generate the document is stored in databases, files, and applications, the manual process becomes very time consuming and ultimately not sustainable or scalable.


MDES is a set of Java-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for manipulating various file formats based on the Office Open XML standards (OOXML), Microsoft’s OLE 2 Compound Document (OLE2), PDF, and Big Data File formats.  

MDACA DES supports various Microsoft office products as follows:


Reads and extracts files coupled with the ability to manage large .xls files


Supports both .doc and .docx formats. Extracts data to  generate files & auto-fill forms


Reads, creates and modifies PowerPoint presentations in .ppt and .pptx format and supports data extraction (text, pictures, embedded objects, and sounds)

Access Database

Reads and generates Access databases

MDACA DES supports the following functionality in PDF File Management:

Extract Text

Extract Unicode text from PDF files

Split & Merge

Split a single PDF into many files


Merge multiple PDF files into a single file


Print PDFs using the standard Java printing API

Save as Image

Save PDFs as image files, such as PNG or JPEG

Create PDFs

Create a PDF from scratch, with embedded fonts and images


Digitally sign PDF files

Fill Forms

Extract data from PDF forms or fill a PDF form