We developed a portal based Matter Management and E-Billing systems for a commercial client to replace their LawPack Case and Matter Management System. Our Low-Code portal solution allowed enterprise-wide access to manage the entire lifecycle of legal case management, including handling outside counsel billing and invoicing.

Using the MDACA Low-Code portal framework, our team was able to field a customized portal solution for matter management and e-billing. Key features of this enterprise-wide system at a Fortune 500 client included:

Dynamic Input Screens

A Smart Forms engine provides the capability to dynamically generate forms based on a predefined set of business rules that are set by the system administrator. This flexibility in generating forms allows for easy configuration and deployment of custom modules and eliminates duplicative screens. The Smart Forms can also be generated based on user roles thus allowing the system administrator to use a smaller set of basic forms to meet the various business needs. The flexibility to use the same screens in different contexts also allows for easier maintenance and reduced support costs. The system administrators have a smaller amount of forms to manage.

Reporting Module

Our reporting module provides a robust and flexible reporting engine that allows users to quickly configure and deploy reports. This flexibility is key to providing the data analysis tools that are needed for day-to-day business. The reporting module contains over 100 custom reports that vary in complexity. An additional feature allows scheduling service functionality so users can schedule reports to be run on a predetermined interval. The scheduler will also have the ability to e-mail reports automatically once they are run.

Advanced Security Model

The flexible security model provides the capability to secure the system down to the field level. This robust security model allows the system administrator to configure and deploy modules for specific users or user groups by business area or practice area. The same forms can be deployed in multiple formats to meet various business needs.

Spell Checking

Our portal solution provides a web-based spell checking utility that can be added to any screen in the system. This feature allows users, particularly those responsible for data entry, the ability to spell check their work for accuracy prior to saving and publishing.

Invoicing, E-Billing, and Reporting

The Invoicing and E-Billing module is used to track outside counsel invoices, attorney fees, billable hours, and time spent on each matter. Coupled with E-Billing capabilities, the Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) application was used to upload and generate all invoices related to legal matters for outside counsel. Along with advanced reporting capabilities, users are able to generate advanced reports and invoices directly from the interface as well as high-level reports for executive management.

Some of the delivered functionalities include:

  • Executive Dashboards for upper management that allows them to make key decisions when negotiating outside counsel rates.

  • Dynamic reports that can be easily deployed by the system administrators.

  • Custom canned reports that can be run at any time and secured by users or groups.

  • Invoice approval process that allows invoices to be routed for approval.

Document Management Integration

Document Management Integration allows for easy integration with third party systems. For Sempra, document management was used throughout the legal department to track matter-related documents. The integration between the application and the Document Management system provided the users with the ability to view all matter-related documents from one screen.

Some of the features included:

  • Ability to view document profiles pertaining to a particular matter.

  • Ability to generate reports for all documents related to a particular matter.

  • Ability to open document for editing or viewing (depending on the level of security).

  • Ability to create new documents within the application.