Processing Power

The MDACA Cloud-Native Data Lake maximizes performance and takes advantage of the flexible storage and elastic processing benefits offered by the Cloud. It empowers government and commercial entities to own their data independent of database technologies and provides data control and security. These activities permit organizations to quickly and easily transform data to meet business needs and enhance efforts such as analytics and/or machine learning initiatives.  Instead of relying on rigid data warehouses, organizations can now store data in an optimized, compressed, and cost-effective manner that is securely and easily available to each system. The result is a more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective approach that leverages data as needed.


The Big Data platform is designed and optimized to work efficiently with the AWS and Azure Cloud platforms. The solution builds on integrated and optimized open-source technologies coupled with core native cloud services approved for deployment on government infrastructure with approved security accreditations. Some of the core benefits include:

Data Ownership

Separates data, not just storage, from your computer. Future-proofing your data architecture meeting your current and future needs.


Data storage mechanism is based on advanced scalable techniques leveraging Apache Parquet file format that is designed to be portable across environments and cloud environments.


With native cloud storage integrations as well as scalable infrastructure, instantly scale up on storage and computer capacity to meet your business needs.

MetaData Management

Advanced metadata management coupled with usage and access analytics, coupled with advanced data catalog integration, will provide the enterprise with leading-edge tools.

Cloud Native

Designed from the ground up to take advantage of the cloud native capabilities by focusing on optimization, speed, and cost efficiencies.

Data Governance

Designed to augment and support existing data governance and metadata management policies coupled with logging data access, transformation, and interaction.


Cost-effective cloud native data storage is optimized to allow gradual replacement of traditional data warehouses  since it does not require licensing and reduces storage costs.


Classify your data using machine learning algorithms, and integrate/expand functionality to meet your business needs.


Designed to meet government security needs, coupled with the capability to support a wide range of user roles and privileges.