MDACA Gateway is a high performance, secure, and scalable server with transforms and routes traffic to backend data stores. As a database-firewall, MDACA Gateway enhances the overall security posture by avoiding direct database connections and exposure of sensitive backend endpoint information to external clients and applications. The Gateway’s load balancing and request routing features significantly improve scalability by redistributing the load more efficiently across the backend database cluster.


The MDACA Gateway can be installed on multiple Operating System (OS) environments, on premise or in the Cloud and supports multiple protocols and data stores including Oracle, PostGreSQL, Teradata and RedShift.


Acting as a gatekeeper between the application and data stores, the MDACA Gateway safeguards the backend databases. The proxy automatically encrypts the traffic to and from the database using Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 with a 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher.

Container Ready

The MDACA Gateway server can be easily containerized with small-footprint, prebuilt Docker images.


By dynamically load balancing the read/write traffic across multiple backend database nodes, the MDACA Gateway adds horizontal scalability to the architecture. Additional processor threads and resources for individual connections can be allocated to improve performance the MDACA Gateway supports thousands of concurrent client connections.


With configurable timeouts and health check monitoring, the MDACA Gateway can quickly detect backend connection failures and re-route traffic to healthy nodes. The service constantly monitors client and backend connections and collects real-time throughput and response time metrics.