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MDACA Cloud Storage Explorer
MDACA CSE is a web-based file explorer that is designed to allow you to manage files across a wide range of cloud storage providers through a single integrated solution.
MDACA Data Explorer
MDACA DE is a web-based application enabling end users to connect via browser to various SQL servers, explore data by writing and running complex SQL queries, and eventually visualize the results.
MDACA Synthetic Data Engine
MDACA SDE creates structurally and statistically similar synthetic data from sensitive, real datasets in support of software development and testing, ML algorithms and modeling, and other initiatives while safeguarding corresponding real data.
MDACA Big Data Virtualization
MDACA BDV provides a logical data layer with single view that integrates enterprise data across disparate systems and manages the unified data for centralized data access.
MDACA Data Flow
MDACA DF provides a powerful enterprise-grade platform with capabilities to collect, route, enrich, transform and process data in a reliable and scalable manner.
MDACA Performance Database
MDACA PDB is a high performance, low cost storage enterprise database designed to provide performance and concurrency for the most demanding workloads, delivering optimized performance, scalability, and availability supporting billions of transactions daily
MDACA PrivateGPTMDACA PrivateGPT is an enterprise version of GPT that combines advanced AI capabilities with data privacy and customization. It empowers organizations with seamless integration, real-time assistance, and versatile applications to enhance productivity, decision-making, and customer service.

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