The MDACA suite of applications was designed from the ground up in support of the Department of Defense and Civilian Agencies and deployed since 2002. It has been enhanced to support commercial enterprises across a wide range of verticals that include Health Services, Finance, Business Information, Manufacturing, Construction, Utilities, Oil and Gas, Security,  Transportation, and any other big data sectors.

Data-Driven Solutions – maximizing the value of your data in near real-time

In today’s environment, timely access to data plays a critical role in supporting business priorities.  An enterprise’s capability to accomplish these strategic priorities depends on high-quality, accurate data supporting a wide range of enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and business analytics in a multi-cloud environment. MDACA is uniquely designed to support and enhance these initiatives in a cost-effective manner.

Support big data modernization with a scalable, flexible, and secure platform designed to maximize the value of your data

Enterprises across all industry verticals face an increasingly complex mix of on-premises and cloud-hosted data sources that are both structured and unstructured. This wide disparity of data sources and technologies presents compounded challenges as organizations strive to effectively and efficiently manage large volumes of data while focused on their mission.


MDACA offers enterprises a comprehensive, versatile data platform that is designed to maximize the value of your applications supporting both modernizations and cost reduction approaches for legacy and modern applications. Additionally, the MDACA suite of applications provides the tools to quickly integrate with analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and solutions to further utility and value.

Ensure compliance with regulatory standards

Identify, use, and share sensitive data safely and securely, while protecting enterprise data and privacy. MDACA adds security and availability to your data across the enterprise while providing safeguards and controls to ensure regulatory compliance.

Multiple ways to quickly gain access to MDACA

Our product’s quick launch program is designed to allow your organization’s Information Technology (IT) teams to quickly analyze, assess, and define an integration roadmap in support of your data transformation goals with expert help every step of the way. We work with you, our partners, and your technology partners as trusted advisors, bringing together customizable technology and proven capabilities supporting your mission and objectives. Learn more about our partner network